Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tooth and Claw Socks

Well, between finishing off Lizard Ridge and then deciding to make that "quick" "little" hat (aside: should I have put "hat" in quotes, too? It's really more of a parachute, don't you think?) it's taken a while to finish off the Tooth and Claw socks. They are now done, however, and fit like a glove. Well, more like a well-fitted sock than like a glove, really.

The pattern up the instep and the front of the leg was pretty easy and never got tedious. It also makes the sock fit very nicely, since it is, in essence, an angled rib of sorts. There is a lace pattern up the back leg (which I have just now realized I didn't photograph) which was a bit more work, as it involved a decrease while cabling, and thus necessitated a cable needle. It's a long time since I used one -- I usually cable without a cable needle, and doing those cable rows reminded me why. How fiddly to have to pick up and put down (or in my case, hold in my mouth) a cable needle every time you need to do a cable. It's a mug's game, I tell ya.

In any case, these socks are just what I dreamed they would be. The colour is so lovely (but you'll have to trust me on that since the photos don't really do it justice, even in the natural light.) The little dragon ridges are tamed a bit when you put it on, but they still don't go away altogether, and I think they are really charming. They do flatten out when you push on them, so I don't think they'll be a problem in shoes.

I enjoyed this pattern a lot -- it taught me a new way to do a toe-up gusset and heel flap, and it was a real treat to knit with the tosh sock yarn. Finishing them leaves me with only one knitting project on the needles (not counting the one which is in hibernation.) Perhaps I should go cast on for the other RSC January sock -- especially since the next kit will be coming by the end of this month!

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