Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am still in the honeymoon stage with the Aeolian shawl: where the rows are relatively short and you are clipping along through the charts at a good rate. Five more repeats of this pattern and then I get to the next part of the design. Of course, by then, things will probably have slowed down, considerably.

But really, who can resist working on such a spectacular shawl, especially when it gives you an excuse to use sparkly little beads. (Look closely -- they are in the center of the pairs of yarnovers.) These ones are way shinier than they look in the photo, more like a hematite.

Added bonus: it lets me use up some more of the JaggerSpun Zephyr laceweight I have. I have loads of this stuff (several shawls worth) in my stash, and two thirds of it is this shade of purple. I am seriously considering some overdying, once this is knitted. Tell me -- am I crazy?


Anonymous said...

Love the colour, beads really bring it alive

Mom said...

In one word...YES

Michelle said...

Crazy?!?!? HELL YES!!!! Why would you want to change the color of THAT yarn?!?!? OMG!!! :-P