Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flabella Socks

Right on the heels of my Frog Stripe socks, I finished the Flabella socks. (Okay, not right on the literal heels -- that would make some weird and useless socks.)

As I mentioned many times before, these ones are from the second pattern in the January Rockin' Sock Club, and this time using the actual yarn that came with the kit -- a bright and happy pink (called Happy Go Lucky) which made them so much fun to knit.

I actually really wanted to knit the Cascadia (my Tooth and Claw socks) out of this yarn, too, but since there was only enough yarn for one pair, I had to choose. Something about the bobbles on the Flabella screamed out for this colour, and then I thought of the dragon coloured tosh sock for the Cascadia, and it was all settled.

The pattern was actually a lot of fun to knit (even though there is a lot of ribbing and bobbles and purls) and is somewhat out of my standard sock zone. Bobbles are not something I am normally drawn to, but they were fun and make for a cute sock. Something about the top of this sock reminds me of a crown with little jewels. The ribbing makes it fit well, too, which I was more than a little concerned about.

The reason I was concerned is because of having to play around with the sizing a little bit. Seems that if you knit the large size sock, as written, you are likely to run out of yarn. They suggested knitting the medium size on a bigger needle, to avoid that. I did, and it worked well -- I had some yarn left over -- but I have to admit that I am a bit worried that the fabric won't wear as well, since the stitches are a smidgen looser. I'm sure it'll be fine. I'll just have to wear them to find out. (Psst -- I am.)

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