Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Frog Stripe Socks

Thusly named because the colours put me in mind of frogs and ponds and lily pads.

This is a super-basic toe-up stockingette sock (knit from -- guess what -- my ubiquitous Universal Toe-Up Sock formula, but using Judy's Magic Cast-On (love) and a basic toe, instead of the crocheted cast-on and short-row toe.)
I had pretty much a full skein of each of these colours left over from my Invader Yoke pullover, so when I was having a mental meltdown toward the end of the Honeybee Cardigan, I decided to cast on these mindless yet entertaining socks to save my knitting sanity.

Nothing fancy -- a three-row stripe of the two colours, with toe/heel/cuff in the third. I played with the various permutations of colours, and was intrigued by the one that was granny smith & grass stripes with a mermaid blue toe/heel/cuff, but something about it was weird, so I went with this combo, instead. They are warm and comfortable.

There is also a hidden agenda, here: I have read on Ravelry that some people found their KnitPicks Stroll in the grass colour has felted upon machine washing, and I figured if I'm going to test whether mine will felt, I'd rather it was on a pair of stockingette socks instead of on my Invader pullover, ya know?

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