Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fiji Mermaid Socks

I'm over my cold, now, and back to knitting some more complicated projects, but I did manage to finish one more pair of stockingette socks, first.

This is another pair from leftover Knit Picks Stroll Sock - the toes, heels, and cuff are in Midnight Heather, and the stripes are 5 rounds each of Tidepool Heather and Sapphire Heather.  Yes, the yarn was all left over from my Anthro 101 cardi, and yes, I will make sure we get some photos of it soon.

I played a bit with the sizing on this pair, adding a few increases on the instep, then a handful more along the leg.  It gave a bit of ease which I think makes them fit better on me than a straight tube.  The stripes helped to make it easy to match the second one to the first.

(If you're wondering about the name, I took it from one of my favourite X-Files episodes: Humbug.  It seemed to suit.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Duchess in Wonderland Socks

I am fighting off a bear of a summer cold right now, and there is nothing worse than sniffling and coughing while sweating away in 30 degree weather, in my estimation.  I've been pretty miserable to be around, I expect (I'm sure my coworkers and my HLM would back me up on that) and unable to accomplish much of anything but knitting simple stockingette.

As you can see, this helped me to polish off a pair of socks, made of yarn leftover from my Anthro 101 cardigan. (Knit Picks Stroll Sock in Duchess Heather and Wonderland Heather, if you care.)  I do realize that I still owe you photos of that cardigan, as well as the long-finished Swoon quilt.  First, though, I need another kleenex.