Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today's Tips

Tip 1: if you accidentally knit about 8 1/2 inches further on the back piece of your cardigan than you should have (because you read the line that said "knit until piece is 15 inches" but not the line before that, which talked about all the increases to do along the way) and you have to frog it back Eight and One Half Inches, then you should take a separate circular needle and slide it through one side of each stitch in the row you want to rip back to. Then you can pull out your working needle and just rip the knitting back without having to worry about picking up live stitches on that final row, when you're done. You can just pull the yarn until it stops, and the whole row will be sitting nicely on that second needle. For the second needle, I usually use one of a gauge slightly smaller than the working needle, just so it is easier to slide it through all those knitted stitches.

Tip 2: if you turn your tragedy into a helpful tip on your blog, you will feel slightly better about it.

p.s. I have spent all day knitting my way back to where I ended off at the pub last night. A few more inches and my cardigan back will be finished.

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Anonymous said...

This actually made me very sad last night . . . . mostly because I understand the exact feeling and (in my case) ensuing rage.