Monday, August 17, 2009

In Season Socks

I finished knitting a really cute pair of stripey stockingette socks last night, and realized that I haven't even gotten around to blogging the pair that I finished at Sock Summit!

These ones are the fourth pair for this years Rockin Sock Club from Blue Moon. When I wound this one up to make a gauge swatch, I discovered that it made a great little plaid pattern! Love it. The colourway was inspired by summer gardens, vegetables, heirloom tomatoes... I find that the red is more pink than I have ever seen a tomato, so I think of it more as a garden of melons: watermelon pink, green honeydew, orangey cantaloupes.

The pattern was for a cute little pair of anklets. Not my favourite socks to knit, since there is a sort of woven stitch (just a panel of traveling stitches, really) on the front and back of the leg that made for some really tight knitting. There were enough traveling stitches crowded together that the row would get so tight. I tried to compensate by knitting the rows between a bit looser, but I could only do so much, really.

There is also a lot of ribbing, which makes a sock so nice and snug, but gets to be really tedious after a while. On both socks, I was so thankful to get to the stockingette at the toe. Okay, and the turned purl hem at the cuff isn't the nicest cuff for a girl with cankles. 'Nuff said.

I did get a little bit of pooling, much worse on one sock than on the other. One sock has a big yellow blob on the side, and a darker plum/evergreen blob on the other. I am not terribly bothered by it, though -- I still think they are a pretty cute pair.

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