Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This ball of Noro Silk Garden is one I bought years ago, back when I was more likely to buy a single ball of yarn just because of its beauty. (Nowadays I try to only buy what I have an actual project in mind for, which still doesn't slow down my yarn buying, but at least I feel very justified about it.)

When I saw the pattern for the lovely (and yarny) Venus de Merino (ravelry), I couldn't resist it. It is based, of course, on an ancient statue, the Venus of Willendorf.
A pretty easy pattern, it's written to be knit in the style of magic loop. I was tempted to knit it with double points, my personal preference, but I decided it would be more trouble than it was worth. The original pattern also has some hair, but I sort of like her as she is.

The shaping is all in the pattern, with increases and decreases, but you also do some stitching on the finished form, after it is stuffed, to delineate them a bit more. It worked pretty well, I think. She is lovely and slightly lopsided, like all women.

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Anonymous said...

Rhonda, I love her! I would like to place an order for the end of November if you can swing it? I'll pay top dollar. Seriously she is wonderful. Don't worry it's not for Mila. I have a cousin who would love this.
Great Blog! You are very talented.
Jenn Metcalfe