Monday, August 24, 2009

Other Stuff

So the vendors at Sock Summit were not only selling amazing yarn, but also great project bags (as well as other sundries.) I would say the most popular ones -- or at least the ones I saw people carrying around the most -- were ones that were shaped like a pyramid, with a loop at the top for hanging it on your wrist, to walk while you knit.

I walked by that booth many times, but never saw one made of fabric that I loved; in addition, I figured it would be ridiculously easy (and cheaper) to make one of my own. I was right. I found this little ladybug fabric when I went to buy curtain fabric for my house. In no time flat, I have an adorable little project bag for sock knitting. I even made an improvement (in my opinion) by adding a little gold grommet on the side, to let the yarn feed through there, rather than through the top of the zipper, where it might catch. I have gotten some funny comments on it -- it looks like a giant teabag, for example, or a piece of pizza. But it works like a charm and I like it.

What socks am I knitting inside that magic pyramid? I am working on some Tidelines socks, with some Socks that Rock that I had sitting around, and I really like the way the colours and the pattern are working together. It is just as good as I envisioned it would be. Maybe it's a little busy, but I think they look fantastic. This photo is outdated, by the way: I am past the heel and working on gusset decreases -- on the second sock.

Next up is this single ball of Noro Silk Garden that I dug out of the stash. Oh what will it become, you ask? You will never guess. Stay tuned.

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