Wednesday, April 15, 2009


To distract you from the fact that I haven't posted pics of my finished Clapotis, here are some photos of my latest weaving...

I had intended to use this red and blue cotton to make some dish towels, and bought loads of it so that I could make a whole set and have enough to give a few away. (Yes, this is the yarn that made my weaving teacher cringe inwardly somewhat.) Then I realized that the yarn was a mercerized cotton, which makes it pretty and shiny, but less absorbent than untreated cotton would be. So I rethought the project and decided to make a little cotton wrap for cool spring mornings. I am determined to start wearing more wraps and shawls, as a defiantly uncool fashion statement.

I am using a huck weave draft, which I found in my book of weaving patterns. It is meant to be used on a finer thread, I'm sure, but I thought it would look cool with this. I am pretty happy with it, although the floats aren't as tight together as I'd imagined from the original pattern image, and I am having to beat it pretty firmly to get them as close as they are. As a beginner, I really don't have an idea of what I'll end up with until I do it. This can be fun or frustrating, depending on one's outlook. Personally I enjoy the surprise of it. You can't see the other side of the fabric, but there are vertical blue floats in the same spots that the front has horizontal red floats. When it's off the loom you will see its full glory.