Thursday, April 16, 2009


As I've already been wearing it for several days (i.e. since the last Pub Knitting Night) it seems only fair that I finally show off some pictures of my finished Clapotis.

I made it from Blue Moon's Luscious Single Silk in the RSC exclusive colour My Blue Heaven, which is an amazing mix of blues and teals, with a dash of purple. The yarn is soft and silky (duh) and decadent. I loved knitting this thing. The weight of the yarn makes it a bit bulky to wear around the neck as a scarf (as you see in the original pattern photos) but not impossible.

I did one extra repeat of the straight rows, to add a smidgen of length to the wrap, but left the width as written. I had loads of yarn left over (like, half of the second skein) so I could have made it much bigger, but this way I have a little bit of the LSS left for a nice cowl or something.

I chose not to block this wrap, although I'd planned to all along. I thought it would help the dropped stitches to lose any kink that might be left in them, and also it would make the two ends of the wrap a little tidier and less pointy (since the natural shape of it is a parallelogram, not a rectangle.) After it was completed and I put it on the first time, though, I realized how great it is that the stockingette columns curl a little bit and give the whole thing some dimension. Also, all those little floats curve to the inside of the wrap, and are soft against the skin. I decided not to block it at all, even though the pointy ends bug me a bit.

I love this wrap. It is toasty warm and snuggly and beautiful. Now I know why ten thousand other knitters have made (at least) one.


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