Monday, April 6, 2009

You Sley Me

Actually, I sleyed the reed. Which is just weavery language to say that today I finally dressed Miss Bennet with her inagural warp, to make a simple little plain weave scarf. I'm using some leftover bamboo I had laying around (from making a hat and a scarf) -- yay for stash busting!

I did a sort of graduated colour change in the warp, from burgundy to light rose and back to burgundy, and I'm weaving it with the teal as weft. Yes, it would have been lovelier and brighter and purer colours if I had enough burgundy to just use that for the weft, but this way I can use the teal up, too, and I don't have to buy any more yarn for the project.

It's sort of interesting how the colours are very greyed out by the combination. Until you look closer, you almost don't register what the different colours are. Another great lesson in the way colours interact in weaving, right?

And can I just say what a real pleasure it is to weave on this loom? No clunky crashy wire sounds, no carpal tunnel, and the action is so smooth and rhythmic. Now, if only I could tidy up those selvedges...

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