Monday, February 2, 2009

Weavin' on Down the Road

I've been so busy with other projects that I almost didn't finish my weaving homework this week. Fortunately, it's much faster to weave than to knit, so in a few minutes this afternoon, I managed to whip up the last of the patterns, to get ready for tonight's class.

We're using lots of different colours and weaves, to see how they interact and get a feel for what possibilities there are. I deliberately chose some colours that clash with my warp, and some that harmonize, and paired them up with a bunch of different twills and broken twills, etc. Some of these are pretty cool, and they've given me a couple of ideas for my personal project. Unfortunately I still haven't decided exactly what to make. Maybe tonight's class discussion will give me an epiphany.

p.s. Topographie Yoke is out of her bath and verrrrry slowly drying on the floor. I will show you lots of photos soon!

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