Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Admittedly not on the sewing -- I am still working my way up to that. But, in the meantime, I have finished my first Firestarter sock and am about halfway through the second (just about to the heel turn) so things are progressing nicely, there. I have the twisted cable pattern memorized by now, so it is smooth sailing. In fact, most of the second sock was done today -- I had only the short-row toe finished last night, and have been puttering away at it all day. I will get at least past the short-row heel tonight before I throw in the towel. With knitting like this, who can blame me for not getting any sewing (or fabric cutting, really) done? Btw, I know they look sort of goofy, since the stockingette and the purl cable columns curl into each other, and the purled gusset curls in, etc -- I will post a pic wearing them when they are finished. I promise they look cool and snug and fancy.

I also spent a few minutes (very few) today making some biscuits using a recipe from Cooks Illustrated. This recipe appealed to me because it uses heavy cream rather than butter or shortening, which means easier mixing. It also makes a dough that can be handled and kneaded without risking overworking it and ending up with flat biscuits. Fabulous. (Hmmm so far the two recipes I've made from that site are a bread with no kneading and a biscuit which requires kneading. I've never been one to do things the usual way, I guess.) But really -- doesn't this biscuit look delectable? Let me tell you: it is. I had a couple (okay, a few) and they are just beautiful. I also made some with a little shredded cheddar in, for my HLM, but so far he hasn't tried one and given me a verdict. He has more self-control than I do, when it comes to little carby snacks.

Lastly, check this out: the new Vogue Knitting preview is up. As usual, there are some horrific things and some must-haves. What do you like?

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