Thursday, March 13, 2008


Oh I had big plans for my days off this week... mostly starting to sew a large-ish project. Needless to say, I barely started that one. Every time I look at it I groan with awareness at my own lack of inspiration. It's the seemingly overwhelming amount of fabric/interfacing/lining pieces to be cut, and then all of the markings and tailor's tacks to be made before I can even start to sew (which is the fun part, after all.) If only I could hire someone to cut out the pieces... So far I've only got as far as cutting out the lining. The interfacing and fabric are glaring at me as we speak.

I was mostly distracted by a trashy vampire novel, an addictive computer game I discovered at MacFun, and playing video games with my HLM. Then I finished my charity scarf (that makes three so far) and I finished the addictive game (already) and picked up some sock yarn that has been calling my name since I was nearing the end of Ribby Cardi.

So I present the first toe of my Firestarter socks, made in Lorna's Laces Flames. I know that a variegated sock yarn takes away somewhat from the design of the twisting cables, but frankly, the original was done in a variegated yarn anyway, and how could I resist using a yarn called Flames for these?? I mean, honestly. (Btw, the colours are somewhat off in this photo. It is more golden and warm, not so pink. I couldn't get it right.)

Tune in another time for more sewing news...

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Brandi Beckett said...

How do you post a picture? I'm sure it must be really easy to do but alas, I canna figure it oot! I'll ask you at work.

also I LOVE the yarn you're using for these socks! sweet colour combination.