Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I feel pretty, Oh so pretty

So I saw that Kim at Yarn Abuse did this face recognition thing, and I had to find out. I will admit that I totally stacked the deck, here. The first pic's list included some beautiful asian women as well as Daniel Radcliffe...? and the second one started strong with Melinda Clarke but followed up with the likes of Rowan Atkinson and Michael Keaton... (surely, My Heritage, you're not trying to tell me that Melinda Clarke would get Rowan Atkinson in her list?) but this one was perfect. I mean, Natalie Wood? Even Christian Slater is a total plus, in my books.

In other news, I finished the fronts of Ribby Cardi, am as far into the sleeves as I was into the fronts, last post (I would post a pic, but it would look exactly the same, only slightly lighter blue) and I've made a kimono for my HLM today, and done some mending, made a pillowcase... all in all a good day. More photos to come.

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