Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So Close

Well, as you can see, Thermal took a bath. She's now blocking in various places around the little one-bedroom apartment we live in. I must admit to being a bit worried about how big she was, straight out of her bath -- I am trying to trust in the wisdom of my initial swatches.

When she is dried completely I will do the last little bit -- weaving in some ends, knitting the button placket and ribbed collar, and sewing in the sleeves. Oh, the anticipation. I also have three different kinds of buttons to choose from, which is always an agonizing decision.

In other news, my trip to the fabric store was pretty successful. I got lots of fabric to make a handful of laundry bags (in part of my ongoing and somewhat successful attempt at organization) and also some adorable gingham for a springtime purse. What can I say -- anything to get me through the winter. I put the skirts on the back burner for now, in an attempt to come home with less than, like, 20 pounds of fabric. Oy.

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