Thursday, May 20, 2010

Then There's This Stuff

Being so caught up in the effort of getting photos of the shawl, I have been pretty remiss about posting progress on the various other things I've been working on. I am nearly finished a second sock already -- these ones are from Sanguine Gryphon (Love.) I got the kit for them at Sock Summit last year, so they've been waiting a while for me to get around to them. As you can see, they have a cute little chevron pattern like waves in the ocean. There are many shades of blue in this yarn, and initially I didn't love some of the greyer blues in there, but they are all shades of the sea and it has certainly grown on me while I knit it.

I am also nearly done a knitting bag that I have had in my queue for literally years. I bought this Berroco Suede yarn at a great discount from years ago, planning to use it for this exact pattern. For years it's sat here: all I was missing were the handles. Last month I decided to finally pull it out of my stash and make it. I was unsuccessful finding the right handles anywhere online, so I improvised, and bought something similar enough that I can make it work. The finishing is all that's left on this one: lining with some cute fabric, attaching grommets and tassels and handles. I am still waiting for the handles in the mail, and then I will throw it all together. Don't you love how this stitch pattern looks in the Suede? Yum.

I even have a new project ready to fill that bag -- with some of my birthday gift certificates, I went to my LYS and picked up some lovely DK merino from King Cole. The red shade is hard to capture, but trust me that it's a lovely cherry red colour and should make a very nice cardigan for work. With the weather in the 30C range this week, buying merino sounds pretty crazy, but frankly, the air conditioning at work will ensure that I need a warm wooly cardigan year round. The gauge swatch is done for this one, so I'm ready to cast on -- stay tuned!

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