Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grr Argh

As you can see, the yarn gobbling monster that is this sock has eaten up all of the yarn, and with one repeat and the toe left to go. I thought long and hard about how to deal with this (since I saw it coming not long after I finished the gusset) but ultimately decided to use some leftover blue yarn from other projects. It is far from a perfect match, but is better than any of the other ideas I came up with.

Funny thing is: back on the first sock, I had to decide how long to make the leg. The pattern doesn't say anything different about the leg length for a size Large than for other sizes. Often they will specify if the leg needs to be shorter on the Large, to ensure you won't run out of yarn. I decided to gamble and make the leg the length they give (where so often I decide to make the leg shorter and end up with loads of leftover yarn.) Well, sometimes in gambling, you lose. Oh well. They'll still be cute socks: you haven't even seen the punchline yet.

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Michelle said...

OMG... SEE!!! That is what I'm scared of always, so I end up with short socks, and lots of yarn leftover! *giggles* PLUS, that is my #1 reason for toe up socks!