Friday, May 28, 2010

Socks: the Fisherman & His Wife

The final touches on the socks went off without any further problems: I used some of my leftover KnitPicks Essential to knit the toe, and while it doesn't really match, it's close enough that it doesn't scream out how different it is. I can't really say "lesson learned" either, since of all the many cuff-down socks I've knit, this is the first time I've run out of yarn at the toe. I imagine I'll keep making that gamble, in the future. I suppose that I could get really neurotic about it and start weighing yarns and winding two balls for two socks, etc. I'd rather stay relaxed and have fun and run the risk of having funny-coloured sock toes.

As for the pattern itself, I really love the look of the chevron, and think it would look good with some of the more variegated sock yarns I have. I may revisit it, though I doubt I would use the linen-stitch heel and toe. I find the stitch is a bit stiff at the toe, especially. I'm sure it will last better against wear and tear, but I'd rather have a softer comfy toe, I think.

As I mentioned previously, these socks were from a kit by Sanguine Gryphon. When you buy it, you get everything you need for the socks (sans needles), plus a little scroll with the story of the Fisherman & His Wife, which tells the tale of a man who catches a magical fish that grants wishes. If you have socks made of ocean waves, one day you just might find a little fishie swimming by, along the leg.

Catch him in the net and make a wish!

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your bestest barely older than you sis! said...

awe... does that make "good luck socks"? Too cute!!! I don't think I would have the patience to make a teeny tiny little fishy like that though!!! Makes my fingers cramp up just lookin at it... though I guess it wouldn't take long huh?!?! They look good, and I can BARELY see the difference in yarn ... I had to look really hard to see it... and even then I'm not sure I can tell.