Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Swag of Years Gone By

I used to shop for handpainted sock yarn on ebay, scrolling through pages and pages of colours. I built up my stash that way. Recently I dug out a skein from long ago, to try to whittle away a bit at that stash. The now-defunct brand is No No Kitty, which was the first thing I loved about it when I saw it. The colourway was called Hair, which is the second. Over the years, I have come to see it less as an assortment of colours from that musical, but more like candy floss. Besides, "Hair Socks" sounds less delicious than "Candy Floss Socks".

I needed to clear my palate from the last pair of socks I got bogged down in, so I cast these ones on in my standard Universal Toe-Up Formula, with the tiny variation of garter-stitch toe, heel, and cuff. The slow swirl of the stockingette is meditative, especially since my other project (the yoke sweater) is also in stockingette. Is it weird how much I enjoy it?

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