Thursday, November 12, 2009

Knetted Socks

For some reason, these seemed to take forever. It's not that they were hard, because they weren't -- just a simple slip stitch diamond pattern that was really easy to remember, with a few wrapped stitches here and there to break up the pooling. And it's not that they were boring, since the yarn is so beautiful and the design is so unique. Somehow I just kept getting distracted (or catching a cold) and not knitting them. Once I was halfway through the second sock, I caught a second wind and finished them off in no time flat.

These socks are designed by Cat Bordhi, which you know means you're in for an experiment. They are knit from the top down, but without a standard heel flap. You do some increases to make them wider, so they fit over your heel and partly over the top of your foot, all the way to the floor. Then you do her 'underheel' which involves a heel turn and then a bunch of twisted stitches that sit under your heel. Then a pretty standard stockingette foot, followed by a funky circular toe. Crazy, right?

They fit well, albeit a bit baggy at the ankle. And you can see that I had some pooling on the foot of one, but the other one only has stripes. Unique and beautiful, just as they should be.

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