Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unstoppable Knitting

Last night, I was happily knitting away on my pullover when a crazy thunderstorm suddenly knocked out the power. Not one to be put off easily, I knit about 14 rows on my pullover in the dark. Well, only one of them was in absolute dark. After the first row, I lit some candles and did the rest by flickering candlelight (not much better, incidentally, than the intermittent lightning flashes.) Even looking at it today, in good lighting, the knitting looks pretty even.

It brings me to the point of beginning bust increases on the front -- good progress.

Good progress is also been made on my lacy shrug, by the way. I am ready to graft the sleeves together, I think. Hopefully the weather will give me occasion to wear it when it's done.

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