Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot Summer Knits

While I am frustratingly close to finishing the lacy alpaca shrug, I have run out of yarn. I knew it would be a stretch to knit the whole thing from one skein, but I thought I might squeak by. Yesterday, while knitting the peplum, I realized that it's just not possible. Hopefully I can get to my LYS today, and hopefully they will have another skein of the same yarn. Cross your fingers.

Meantime, I started the sleeves (two at a time, of course) on the pullover, at the pub last night, and they are very cute. If you can't interpret the photo, they have a little picot hem (which I will have to fold inside and sew in place, after seaming) and then they bell out at the wrist before snugging back in to a normal size above that. I keep holding them against my arm to try them on and assess how adorable they are. They are going surprisingly quickly, considering I am doing them at the same time. Thank goodness for aran-weight yarn.

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