Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Darn Hot

No, that isn't a sock darning pun. There was a serious heat wave here in the last week, and once I finished the alpaca shrug, I could hardly bring myself to pick up any knitting. Not only were my hands too sweaty and lethargic to carry on, but remember my current WIP, albeit cotton, is an aran-weight long-sleeved pullover. Ugh.

So I decided to revisit the Ingalls quilt (scroll down), which has been on the back back burner (sort of like Off Off Broadway) for ages now. Making tiny little fabric-on-paper hexagons is pretty effortless, even in unbearable heat, and little bits of progress on this will eventually add up to something pretty amazing. I've made 150 hexagons in the last few days, and this photo shows my next 450 little two and a half inch squares -- when they are finished, that will bring me to the halfway point on hexagons. It's pretty overwhelming when you think of it in those terms, though. Just keep making one at a time and tossing it on the pile.

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Anonymous said...

I can't even fathom making anything quite so tedious. As much as I love quilts and little things . . . . you're a brave one, lady.