Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This Week Chez Crafty

Well I had my last weaving class on Monday night, and none too soon, since my favourite Local Boy Turned Screen Star**, Nathan Fillion, has a new tv series starting next Monday. Yay! I am super-excited about it, and hope it catches enough interest in the fickle public eye that it will last a while.

Meantime, I don't have much to show off, just more of the same -- I have finished and blocked the front of the Jengu Woobu Aran (photo included for proof)
and made a lot of progress on the back. Another week or so and I should have this one ready to wear.

In related news, we had our first meeting of the Post-Apocalyptic-Readiness Knitting Guild at the pub on Sunday night: there was food, beer, knitting, conversation and hilarity, and a few knitterly mistakes. Much fun was had, and it seems like it will be a regular thing. I think it is in my best interest to bring simpler projects in the future, though -- the aran designs might be a bit much for a brain saturated with Guinness.

**Lest we forget the other precious Local Boys, like Callum (did I ever casually mention how he popped by my work one day?) or Bruce.

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