Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet Miss Bennet

After finishing my weaving class a few weeks ago, I knew that I needed to get myself a loom of my own. I spent some time looking at various types of looms online, mostly table looms, since who has the space (or the money) for a floor loom? Not me, anyway. I bid on a couple of used looms on ebay, but didn't win one. Finally I resigned myself to spending the big bucks to get a new one. After some more poking around online, I finally decided on the one I wanted. The Louet Jane is a bit different than the LeClerc Dorothy table looms we used in class, but different in good ways. It's nearly twice as wide, to make wider projects (e.g. rugs, shawls, cloth to sew with) and has twice as many shafts, to make more complex weaves. The heddles are quiet texsolv instead of noisy wire, and the shaft toggles won't give me carpal tunnel. Basically I saw it as a simple and practical loom to learn on, but one that will grow with me, so I won't need to replace it with a more complex loom any time soon. Plus it is collapsible so it won't always take up my whole kitchen table (like it is today.) P.S. I have to give props to Shuttleworks in Calgary, who had the loom in my apartment 48 hours after I ordered it from them.

There are a lot of famous Janes. My Jane loom is as clever as Jane Austen, as beautiful as Jayne Mansfield, as tough as Jane Cannary, as artsy as Jane Siberry (sorry, Issa), as inspiring as Jane Yolen, as no-nonsense as Jayne Cobb.

More than anything, I think my Jane embodies Jane Bennet from Austen's Pride and Prejudice -- she is beautiful, smart, practical, sweet-tempered, quiet, lovable, and always wants to see the best in everyone.

Can you tell I'm in love?


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