Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've had some Very Crafty Days around here -- I got several repeats of Clapotis done, finished my Ignorance is Bliss socks, did a couple of gauge swatches for the two next projects in the queue (a lace shawl and another pair of Rockin' socks), made some quilting progress on the Wiz, and even completed all the weaving math for my first weaving project. A very productive couple of days off, overall. Just the sort of recharge I needed.

I don't know why it looks like my left foot has some elephantiasis in this photo.
I don't think it does, in reality. My shoes seem to fit, anyway. Let's assume it was just the angle, shall we?

My finished IIB socks fit snugly and will be a great everyday pair. I have a couple of other pairs in Lorna's Laces sock yarn and none of them have worn out yet, despite many trips through the washing machine.

Not much else to add -- I'm off to measure out my first warp for Miss Bennet, so I will be ready to get her dressed, as soon as the sley hook arrives.

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Brandi Beckett said...

I knit a row on those bad boys!