Sunday, March 8, 2009


I had a bit of a challenge with the back of the Jengu Woobu Aran. Somewhere near the bottom, I had to frog it back by about six rows... twice. Once because I forgot to make decreases on the left side, for the waist, and the second time because of crossing the cables the wrong way. Then somewhere around the armhole shaping, there were a couple of more times that I tinked back a row or two... or three. You'd think that by the end of knitting the body of this sweater, I'd have the stitch patterns sorted out in my head. Thankfully tonight I finally finished the back -- a real milestone. Fortunately the sleeves are short and hopefully won't take long. Or have very many screwups.

Meantime I cast on a very basic pair of socks, out of Lorna's Laces Happy Stripe yarn. It is very brainless stockingette, purely for simplicity of knitting at the pub on Sunday knit night. Because they are ridiculously simple, and made of Happy yarn, I have dubbed them the Ignorance is Bliss socks. (Perhaps I'm putting too much thought into this...)