Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Blankets Please

Okay, so this is the view out my window today:

Can you blame me for making blankets??

I admit that I felt a bit silly in the last couple of weeks, since I was working on a quilt and planning a knitted lap throw, just as the weather was starting to warm up nicely (I actually went out without a jacket one day last week, which really says something, if you know me.) But then we had some record snowfall for this time of year, and now I don't feel the least bit silly for making so many blankets. I need to keep warm.

I'm still waiting for my quilt frame to arrive, so nothing new on the quilt, but I've wound up some Cascade 220 that I got on the cheap at the Webs sale. Three lovely cool shades of grey that I adore. I've recently gotten the bug to make a lap throw from a pattern that I've been hoarding since I started knitting. I remember when I first began, I saw this entrelac throw and thought it was the most gorgeous thing ever. At the time, the instructions were like Greek and I set it aside for someday when I was more experienced and could figure them out. Of course entrelac is all over the web, and having done enough short-row socks, I was pretty confident that I could handle it now. I was right. Check this out:

Could. You. Die.

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