Friday, February 12, 2010

Here Be Dragons

A long time ago, I read a cool novel called Tooth and Claw, by a Canadian author named Jo Walton. It was a sort of Jane Austen-ey tale of manners and love and strife amongst a family of dragons. Not only was it unique, it was also really entertaining, funny, and engaging. I've never forgotten it.

When I saw one of the sock patterns in the January Rockin' Sock Club shipment, it reminded me of dragons, with these little spiny ridges up the top of the foot. I immediately thought of this Madelinetosh sock yarn that I had sitting around from Sock Summit (which those of you with longer memories may recall had previously been knit into an ill-fated wrap and summarily frogged.) The colour is such a perfect dragon colour, and really suited the pattern. I couldn't wait to start knitting them up, and immediately thought to name them after my favourite dragon novel. I am nearly to the heel and am really enjoying these ones. The yarn is so soft and the colours make me swoon with every inch I knit. The green is a little bit darker and mossier than the photo, but the purple is very true to life. I am so glad I get a second chance to knit up this yarn.

p.s. Don't worry -- the also-stunning January RSC yarn will be knit up in the other pattern with the shipment, so you will get a chance to see it, soon enough. Fear not, my lovelies.


Mom said...

I'm not sure which I like better...your knitting or your writing.....Love it all

Michelle said...

I'm sure you will be shocked and suprised to find out that I am starting on my 3rd pair of socks. I havn't gotten brave enough to try a pattern yet though. I AM doing this 3rd pair on smaller needles, so it is gonna take me longer no doubt. The second pair I just finished was the "paradise" yarn you got for me. Thank you again!