Friday, June 5, 2009

Apple Bag

We go through a lot of apples here at Chez Crafty, and since I am trying to cut down on wasteful plastic bag usage (and also because I am trying to increase my stash yarn usage) I decided to use up a couple of balls of Scheepjes Cotton 8 (left over from a top I knit years ago) to make a little mesh market bag. I checked the various options on Ravelry and found this one, which I liked for many reasons, not least of which was because of the sturdy wide handle on it, which is nice and flat for my shoulder. I took a month to make it, because I was only working on it on pub nights, and even those have been not-quite-weekly lately. The beer also took a toll: I misread the instructions and accidentally made it several mesh repeats longer than it should have been. No worries, it's not unreasonably long, and will certainly hold loads of produce. I didn't have enough apples to fill it for the photo, so it is holding a portion of my sock yarn stash.

Completing a project, even a little teeny one like this bag, felt good. Afterward, I immediately did a gauge swatch and cast on a pair of socks. Back in the saddle.

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