Friday, June 19, 2009

Fraggle Socks

This morning I put the final touches to the Fraggle Squiggle socks. Turns out they took me just two weeks to make, which I think is pretty good, considering I've also been working pretty steadily on both the garter stitch cardigan and my Fresh Squeezed Quilt.

The Handmaiden Casbah was a fantastic yarn to use -- that 9% cashmere makes it decadently soft and the colours are breathtakingly vibrant (much better than I can make them look, here.) Love.

Of course the stitch pattern is almost totally obscured by the colour changes in the yarn, but I don't really mind, since the colours are so gorgeous. Maybe someday I'll take another crack at this pattern, with a yarn that is more solid. That way you'll be able to see the stitch pattern, all the yarnovers and the bubbles and the little squiggly rows of decreases...

So cozy and soft...

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