Saturday, January 31, 2009

What Was I Thinking? a.k.a. What Happened to the Topographie Yoke?

So I found out yesterday that a new yarn store is opening just a few blocks from where I live (and also from where I work.) I was ridiculously overexcited about it, and today on my lunch I popped over (with a wonderful knitterly friend) to check it out. I knew in my soul that I wouldn't be able to resist buying some yarn (you know, to unselfishly show support for a fledgling business) so I went armed with cash and an open mind. The place is teeny weeny, but had a selection of nice yarns, a few needles and bags, and some pattern books. I thought about buying some of the delicious sock yarn (read: Noro Kureyon sock weight) but decided I have enough sock yarn in my stash (and I haven't even told you about my recently-acquired Socks that Rock, yet) so I grabbed a few balls of Noro Silk Garden, instead. See, Yarn Harlot spent a large part of November and December knitting up so many ribbed Noro scarves, and they were all pretty gorgeous. So I thought I'd take a crack at one. I picked up some Silk Garden in 205 (pinks/purples/browns) and 255 (purple/orange/the most luscious lime green you can imagine) and thought to myself: "After I finish my Topographie Yoke and my recently-acquired Socks that Rock socks, I will make a cute little scarf out of this lovely Silk Garden."

Later in the my work shift, I thought: "After I finish my Topographie Yoke, but before I make my recently-acquired Socks that Rock socks, I will make this cute little scarf that really can't wait, and besides, it's just a wee little scarf, so it will be quick."

By the time I got home from work, I thought: "I think I will just cast on for this cute little scarf and get a couple of rows of each colour done before I sit down to work on finishing my Topographie Yoke."

So I submit to you now the beginning of my cute little scarf, far past a couple of rows of each colour, which is so soft and gloriously shiny (I've never worked with Silk Garden before, so I really had no idea -- I am more used to the scratchy-and-not-shiny-but-also-pretty Noro Kureyon.)
So to the Yarn Harlot: I really understand now why you made so many of these. They are truly addictive and so so fabulous. And I haven't even gotten to the luscious lime green part yet.

Um... what Topographie Yoke??

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Anonymous said...

So soft and so darn pretty! I can understand why you got sucked in. At least my yarn has to wait because I only have one set of dpns for the sock making . . . otherwise I'd be in the same boat.