Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the Next Big Thing

I didn't bother to mention it, last week, when I had my first Beginner's Weaving class, since all we did was learn the parts of a loom and dress it (attach the warp threads and draw them through the reed and heddles) to get it ready to start.

At the second class this week we started the real business of weaving, and got to bring the loom home to do our homework for next week. No surprise, I already have it done. There's something magical about making fabric, whether it's by knitting it or weaving it, or any other method.
This is just the sampler you're looking at -- I didn't choose these colours or this pattern. Clearly I'm just a beginner, since I still need to work on my tension and my selvedges. We're using this sampler to learn how to weave on a loom, how colours interact in weaving (which is very different from how they interact in other things like painting or quilting) and eventually will be trying different weave patterns than the basic weave you see here. After we finish playing with our samplers, we get to buy our own yarn and design something ourselves... Will it be a lovely scarf or some practical (but still lovely) towels...?

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Trista said...

oh wow! weaving seems so magical to me! i am envious... :)

can i call you Arachne now?