Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's been a bit of a bumpy ride, Chez Crafty, lately. On the upside, I have been making good progress on a lot of projects. On the downside, unexpected events this week have been preventing me from showing them off.

So, for the first in a series, the completed Bumbleberry socks:

As I mentioned in my first post about them, I sort of mashed two different sock patterns together to make these, and it worked out pretty well. I also varied the width of the stripes throughout the sock, starting out at the toe with 8-round stripes, and then once I was to the calf increases, I started to change the width of the stripe, as well, all the way up to 11-round stripes. This was an attempt to create an optical illusion of having narrower calves, and I think it worked pretty well, actually.

The socks are great -- I haven't had knee socks in probably 25 years, so it's quite a novelty to wear them. And it's really awesome to have a pair that aren't too tight, and are really able to stay up on their own. Totally worth all the time they took to knit.

Next time: wanna see how my sweater is coming along?

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