Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shaded Entrelac

I can't believe I started this way back in April. Those of you following along will remember that I spoke of its hibernation throughout the summer, and picked it up again in the last couple of weeks, to make a concerted effort to finish.

And it's finally done. Measuring out at 42 x 54 inches, it isn't huge, but it's enough to cover me comfortably as I sit on the sofa and watch tv (and I know, because I've been quite warm as I sat under it, as I finished it over the last week or two.) Bear in mind that those are unblocked dimensions -- I chose not to block it for two reasons: One, that I have no space to block a blanket anywhere in my teeny weeny apartment, and Two, that I love the dimension of it. The squares all curl a bit to the purl side, as knitting is wont to do, so it gives a really puffy quilty look to the blanket. The edging came out a bit ruffly, as you can see in the above photo, which I'm sure would be fixed by blocking it, but as I said, that ain't gonna happen.

Looks like it goes on forever, doesn't it.
That's how it felt when I was knitting it.

Each of those squares took around 5 minutes to knit. Do the math, and then shake your head at my insanity.

In other insanity news, I've actually been contemplating knitting another afghan.

I wish I was joking.