Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Seven rounds from being finished, people.

So I decided to make a little hat, for an Instant Gratification Project. This is an adorable little confection, again from Drops, which promised to be interesting enough to keep my attention, and quick enough that I will be able to wear it in no time. Okay, well I subbed the yarn to some alpaca/tencel from elann.com, and had to calculate yardage to make sure I ordered enough, and then I looked at some on Ravelry and decided to move up a needle size, since theirs looked like they fit snugly, like a watchcap, and I wanted mine to be looser, like the original design photo. Also, I have a big head. Somewhere in there, I should have realized that perhaps I might need more yarn.

So I'm seven little rounds from being finished my hat and I had to order another ball of yarn. A ball of yarn from which I won't need more than perhaps three yards... (And don't think for a moment that the thought didn't cross my mind that I could use a length of an entirely different yarn to finish the last seven rounds, and just call it a "design element.")

I tried it on and looked at it and wondered if maybe I should just frog the whole thing and do it again on a smaller needle because then maybe I could squeeze it out of the two balls I have. Ultimately I decided that, while I probably could, I'd rather finish it on the needles I've been doing it on and see how it looks in the end. Maybe after that I'll still frog it and redo it smaller and have an extra ball of yarn lying around.

I'm crazy that way.

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DragonScales and GypsyTales said...

Damn yo! that cardigan looks good!! Hi Rhonda, good to see you are still up to your amazing master craftswomenship!!! I tried to write you a few weeks ago but it got erased i think before it went through! We be doing good here in the land of Scot and Sheep ( I think of you everytime i see a sheep(the Wool!!)well not everytime, cause it seems like anywhere i can spit there is a fucking sheep, but i still think of your knitting when i think of the wool!!! Just thought i'd say Hi!! pass my love to the other members!! of th P.O. Natural living gangsta's