Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pie Filling Socks

My sister was destashing some sock yarn, a while back, and offered me a couple of skeins.  As soon as I picked this one up, I stopped in my tracks and said "this has cashmere in it."  Obviously I took it, even though it's not exactly a colourway I was drawn to.  Cashmere socks are to be coveted, even if they aren't as beautiful as you'd like.

I knit it up as part of my variegated-yarn-into-stockingette-socks project (which really needs a catchier title) but upon knitting the socks, I realized that it was going to stripe rather than be a randomly variegated yarn.  I took a second look at the ball band (Dye Hard Fibre Arts Serendipitous Sock) and realized that it actually said "self-striping" right on it.  Der.

The colours grew on me as I was knitting them, since they are each, in and of themselves, really quite lovely.  As a trio, I wasn't sure initially, but after a while I began to see them as a group.  And I also began to think of pie filling: blueberry, apple, and strawberry rhubarb.  Yum.

They're a bit thick for this time of year - I ended up knitting them one needle size up from my usual sock gauge, which confused me enough that I actually did a different stitch circumference for the second one (of course I didn't realize this until I put the two heels in at the end, and noticed the numbers didn't match.)  Fortunately they feel pretty much the same on my feet, despite the difference.

Besides, they are soft and warm cashmere, so I'd wear them anyway.

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Katherine said...

My affection for basic striped socks will never waver! These are lovely and delicious looking at the same time. Well played, friend, well played.