Thursday, January 10, 2013

Greynbow Socks

It's a while ago that I started these socks (and mentioned having to restart them a few times.)  I was halfway through the second sock when I left them to hibernate a bit, while I started and completed the Umaro blanket and started another pullover.

I recently picked them up again (mostly because I had another pair of socks I wanted to start, and self-imposed a rule that I had to finish this pair to start another pair.)  Having finally memorized the stitch pattern helped to get them finished.  Taking them to work a couple of times to knit during breaks didn't hurt, either.

The yarn was a gift from a kind knitterly friend, some time ago.  It's a lovely greyed-out rainbow of colours from Dream in Color.  The pattern is from the AntiCraft, also some time ago.  I didn't follow the pattern exactly, but rather decided to use my own sock recipe, more or less, with the Vinnland pattern on the instep, and simple ribbing on the back of the leg.

I also elected to try a new type of heel, this time, rather than the simple and reliable afterthought heels that I've been relying on, lately.  I used Cat Bordhi's YouTube tutorial for her Sweet Tomato heel, and tried it out.  I actually had to rip it back a time or two to make it fit my heel just right, but in the end it's pretty comfy and smooth, and looks cool, too.

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