Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunny With A Chance of Lazy

The weather here is pretty unbearably hot, right now.  It's been in the low 30s all week, and without air conditioning, there's been a lot of laying around and sweating, while wearing barely anything.  Luckily I had enough foresight to buy a Fast Pop maker a couple of weeks ago, which actually freezes juice into popsicles in literally 10 minutes.  Instant icy gratification, here I come.

In the meantime, I finished and blocked my stripey sweater, but it's far too hot to put it on, even for a simple photo.  Ugh.

I'm also to the point of putting the binding on my quilt, but I don't relish the idea of sitting with it in my lap while I hand finish it.

Last week I was still in the midst of my finishitis and picked up another old project - a woolen aran baby blanket I designed in the fall - but this week, since I can't stand to have any knitting laying in my lap, I have had to scale down a bit and work exclusively on my latest socks.  These ones are using the leftover Lilac and Royal Flush Purple label yarn from TFA.  I added a few rounds of stranded knitting to make a zigzag between the toe and foot (and then again between the leg and cuff) which I think adds to their overall cuteness.  They're going to be a bit short, since I don't have quite enough of the Lilac to make them the length I generally would, but that's okay.  Right now I can't stand the thought of tall socks on my sweaty ankles, anyway.

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