Saturday, June 23, 2012

Past the Easy Part

I finished sewing together my quilt top on a few days ago - it went pretty quickly, since it was basically just a matter of sewing some thin sashing strips between the blocks.  Having finished that, it didn't take me long to sew the two backing pieces into one, and then of course I immediately laid out the quilt sandwich and started to hand-baste the layers together.

Last night I finished the basting and trimmed the excess fabric and batting.  I've decided to keep the quilting itself pretty simple, since I'm using a home sewing machine and have little patience for cramming quilts through the small throat space provided in mine.  I'm going to use masking tape to lay out basic diagonals on the top, and then quilt straight simple lines.  Hopefully I can do it without having a stress aneurism.

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