Monday, May 28, 2012

Inkle Bookmark (with afro!)

Before my birthday, I gave my HLM a list of some things that would make good gifts (hint, hint.)  One of those things was an inkle loom, and imagine my delight when I actually got one for my birthday!  Then imagine my dismay when I realized it came in pieces and I had to put it together, myself.

After some gluing and screwing (gutter-mind) and sandpapering and hammering, I finally got to try it out.  A couple of nights ago I used a little pattern that came with the loom to make a warp and tried a little weaving.

I used some leftover Knit Picks Palette, which turned out to be a bit hairy for the project - it's hard to get a good clean shed when using grabby wool, so I just did a short little inkle band, which will make a perfect bookmark.  The fluffy wool makes a little afro hairdo at the end of the bookmark, but I think when I use other types of yarn, that might not happen.  In any case, it was fun, and the tips I'd found helped me to make fairly even selvedges.  I'm pretty excited to try some different sorts of things on my little loom.

p.s. It's an Ashford Inklette loom.  I've named her Pepper, if you were wondering, and I'm sure you were.

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Betty Boop said...

It looks complicated but why am I surprised?