Sunday, March 11, 2012

Caprica Socks

Sometimes when you're working on a bunch of complicated projects (be it stranded knitting or lace knitting or fancy weaving) you crave some simplicity. At times like that, it's nice to have a couple of balls of self-striping sock yarn laying around in the stash, because you can just cast on a simple toe-up stockingette sock and knit around and around and around while your brain unwinds.

These ones are from Knit Picks Felici fingering weight, which is a slim and hardwearing sock yarn. Over at Knit Picks, they change up their colourways pretty regularly, but this particular one is called Caprica, hence the project moniker. (Sorry it's not something cooler, Battlestar Galactica fans.) Using Judy's Magic Cast On and an afterthought heel makes them super mindless, since I can just knit a long tube sock and then open it up later where I need a heel. Matching the starting spot for the cast-on also means the socks match up pretty well. I did a bit more ribbing than I intended (since I started it a bit earlier than I should have) but that just makes for a nice long cuff, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Chalk up one more pair of comfortable, practical, well-fitting socks. Not to mention a few days of easy and relaxing knitting.

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