Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another 8-shaft Weaving Project

Upon completing my Ombre Cardigan, I had tons of laceweight yarn left, especially the lighter shade of grey. I decided it might be fun to try weaving something with what was left. Because I had less of the darker shade left over, that was my limiting factor, for the size of the project. I chose a complicated looking 8-shaft weaving draft that I'd spotted on Weavolution (which originated on and did some math. I deliberated a bit about the appropriate sett (density) of this yarn in this pattern, and decided to weave it at 20 epi. At that sett I had enough of the darker shade to do one pattern repeat across the width of a scarf and eight repeats in length.

I wound a warp and put it on the loom and yesterday I started the weaving. The sett seems a little loose at the moment (in weaving parlance, we call that "sleazy" fabric, which is pretty awesome terminology, I think) but I am hoping that once I have it off the loom, no longer under tension, and wash it, it will be a nice fabric. Time will tell.

The variegation in the two shades also takes away from the weave structure, but again, I think it will be better once the lighter shade is under less tension and can fluff up a bit. Certainly if you click on the photo to see a close-up, that will help you to see the design more clearly. If you are curious, the papers on the right hand side of the photo show the lift plan for this pattern. It takes a bit of concentration, but isn't nearly as hard as it looks. I have two repeats done, so far, so six to go. Even with frequent sock-knitting breaks, this one shouldn't take too long.

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