Friday, August 6, 2010

Out of Desperation

As I was finishing off the final toe of my Real Love socks, I looked around all of the packed boxes in our new place and realized that I didn't have another project on the needles. I'm not sure where my crocheted hexagons ended up, and I didn't really have anything else on-the-go to putter away on.

Panic set in.

I still didn't have the internet at that time, so my options were pretty limited. I only had a couple of pattern books unpacked, and the majority of my yarn was still packed up. My printer was still packed away, so I couldn't print off any pdf patterns from my computer. I had a few balls of sock yarn peeking out of one shopping bag in my room, and I managed to find a pattern on my computer that was simple and intuitive enough that I would be able to knit it without having to refer to it often.

Thus, my Charybdis socks were born. The yarn is a nice round sock yarn, called Monarch, in a colourway called Shades of Teal. I chose this particular sock pattern because I thought it would stand up to the striking variegation in the colour of the yarn. I think they look pretty good for something I threw together, on the fly.

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