Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skew Socks

Between last night's coffee night with the girls and a few minutes in front of the tv this afternoon, I have finally got the second of the Skew socks into the finished pile.

I really love the way that the stripes in the yarn turned out -- it's partly because of the angle, and partly because of the increases, and partly because three out of the four colours in the yarn sort of blend together at a distance. You can probably see easier in my previous post that the yarn has a bright watermelony pink and three darker colours: a deep teal, a chestnut brown, and a dark violet. Up close they are all pretty apparent, but from a distance they all blend somewhat and the pink really stands out more than it would, were the others more variegated. Makes for some cool stripes that remind me of lightning bolts.

The yarn itself is one I bought off the internet ages ago, intending to make it into Joelle Hoverson's Chevron scarf (ravelry.) I didn't like the way the scarf was turning out with this yarn as I was knitting it, so I frogged it and the yarn sat in my stash, unloved, until now. Having knit these socks with it, I am really impressed -- it has a weight and roundness similar to Socks that Rock Lightweight, and I love the saturation of the colours. I actually have more of it: one full skein in shades of teal, and one partial skein in yellow/orange. I will have to use them up, one of these days.

The socks in particular were a bit of a challenge, in that the pattern was something I had to really follow, line by line. I was also relying on written instructions, rather than charts, which is not my favourite. The socks fit pretty great, after the fact, except that the last few decreases above the heel made them a bit more snug in the leg than I'd like. Next time, I'd probably just ignore those decreases and let the leg have a little more room. I definitely like the pattern, though, and would do them again... when I feel like a more challenging sock.

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