Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Fool's Socks

Early yesterday, I finished the April Fool's Socks. As you could see in the last post, they were constructed all in one piece, first a toe-up sock, then one cuff leading to the next, ending with a top-down sock.

I really enjoyed knitting these, because (believe it or not) it was a bit of a stretch to my brain, to begin with the mental map of making a toe-up sock, and following that structure, and then switching my mindset at the halfway point and doing something opposite.

It felt sort of like matter & antimatter, or yin & yang, to create two items that are identical yet precisely opposite.

(Oh yeah, and they fit really well and are warm and cozy and comfortable and pretty.)

I celebrated by casting on another sock.

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Michelle said...

I love love LOVE the color of those socks. Pretty yarn!