Monday, November 10, 2008

The Stripey Socks

So here we are, new stripey socks to make me smile. I actually finished them yesterday, and have knitted a whole hat since then. But one thing at a time, yes?

They are, as I said before, from the Universal Toe-Up Sock pattern on Knitty. I used a short-row toe and heel, and a very basic four row stripe in three colours. I did a very short and simple garter stitch cuff, since I didn't want ribbing, for some reason. What more can be said about them? They fit very well and are snuggly, thanks to the customized sizing of this pattern.

Socks Make Me Happy

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Anonymous said...

Damn this sock pattern! I will understand it soon enough. Until then I just look at your socks with chilly footed envy (not the bad kind, the good kind that motivates).

Those are lovely though. I like the subtle colour scheme you picked for it. Makes me think of cake.