Monday, November 3, 2008

Bisy Backson

So I have a week off and am planning to stay home and fill that time with as many projects as I possibly can. A couple of days ago I decided to pick up a new knitting project, to try to get my mojo back. (I think my knitting mojo may have been somewhat drained by the Tweed Coat which has been on my sidebar for a while but otherwise has not yet been spoken of.) The project I chose was socks. Easy socks. With some yarn I just have sitting around.

So I present to you the beginning of my Simple Stripey Socks. The yarn is Jawoll Sock, which is very thin, so they have, like, 74 stitches around. That's like a sweater. I mean, if I was skinny.

Anyway, I think they are adorable. I know that two of the colours are a bit close in value, so they don't stand out from one another very well, but they are cute and cuddly (and free, sort of) and I think they will be much worn.

I also started cutting up some fabric for a new quilt top. Stay tuned.

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